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Managing After Downsizing

In the wake of layoffs, companies are discovering that maintaining their efficiency is challenging. While managers "ride out the rapids" they must also remain proactive and make tough decisions regarding prioritizing projects. To keep departments productive, managers are seeking out new ways to further cut costs and "do more with less." Here are ways you can make post-downsizing decisions that will help you stay competitive and grow toward areas of opportunity.


A-Check America: Ensuring Long-Term Cost Efficiency and Retention through Quality Hires

Smart companies going through mergers and acquisitions always carry out due diligence. The same goes for employers who want to ensure that their hiring investments are sound. For this reason, background checks are gaining ground as part of the hiring process. As part of the larger Act•1 Group, AppleOne is affiliated with A-Check America, a global provider of background checks and drug screening services for employers. This partnership gives AppleOne clients the benefit of having a fast and cost-effective means of ensuring that each individual they hire possesses the skills, experience and background they want. More importantly, it empowers them to protect their companies from the liabilities of hiring ineligible candidates.


Book Review

Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works
by Cindy Ventrice

Make Their Day! will expand your notions of recognizing good work and tying rewards to performance. Recognition begins with individual performance and remains a basic need for teams as well. If you're going to spend time or money on rewards or recognition, you might as well get maximum return on your investment. In turbulent economic times when managers are trying to stretch the money they spend, Make Their Day! gives great ideas on cost-efficient ways to recognize top performers.


Q. We're starting to see some glimmers of improvement in our business. It's very resource intensive to meet client expectations, and after scaling back, we're already struggling to meet demand. As orders come back, I expect we'll need to scale up very quickly. What is the best way to prepare for that?

A. Every company is different, so you should contact your AppleOne representative and ask them to conduct a free needs assessment. However, from what you've said, it sounds like a mix of contingency staffing and temp-to-hire may give you the best combination of immediate, targeted productivity and long-term growth. We can dispatch associates right now to create a flexible workforce that can quickly grow or contract to meet your day-to-day demand needs. As you start to get more traction and are ready to grow your labor force, temp-to-hire will preserve some of that flexibility while allowing you to smoothly transition proven workers onto your staff.

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