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Knowing When to Promote From Within

Promoting from within and hiring from the outside each has its own set of potential advantages and drawbacks. Some hiring managers fall back on the known commodity approach and would rather stick with a familiar candidate. Consider the quandary of whether to promote from within that the music group Genesis once faced. When lead singer Peter Gabriel quit the band, fans were unable to conceive of the group without him. The remaining members auditioned potential replacements until they discovered there was a capable replacement singer right under their noses. That singer turned out to be Genesis' own drummer, Phil Collins. The band went on to even greater success with Collins as the new front man.


Clearing the Mental Clutter
by Dianna Booher

Would you like to make an attitude adjustment with high payoff (a clearer mind), and reduced stress? Whether you're overwhelmed by unfocused mental activity, have become sidetracked by emotional concerns, or simply want to improve your intellectual performance, the following tips from author Dianna Booher's Get a Life Without Sacrificing Your Career: How to Make More Time for What's Really Important [McGraw-Hill] will help you think, work, and feel better.


Book Review

Managing the Generation Mix: from Urgency to Opportunity
by Carolyn A. Martin and Bruce Tulgan

The workplace is constantly changing and your success as a manager depends on your ability to relate to team members of all ages. Managing the Generation Mix recognizes that managing is modular and what will work for one individual won't necessarily work for another. The book is useful for any manager who's tried to figure out whether it's better to e-mail someone or speak to them face to face. This up-to-date second edition addresses the intricacies of managing a wide mix of generations and includes strategies and exercises for getting the most out of individuals using their age as a catalyst for communication.


Q. We had to let one of our employees go recently. Now she's threatening to sue for wrongful termination. Where can we get a good overview of our rights?

A. Employment law is complex and can be highly specific to your location(s). You should consult with an attorney specializing in labor law in your location.

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