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Employee Perks That Work

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What Have You Done For Them Lately? Your employees are the ones who make you look good as a manager and showing your appreciation is a vital part of keeping them happy and productive. In the past, perks were considered exclusive to upper level positions, but now they are commonly found at all levels. There are always novel trends in perks that reflect new technologies and cultural phenomena (think of cell phones and relocation expenses). If you are looking for ways to get creative with the perks you offer, here are ten suggestions on a modest budget.

1) Send a Massage
Promoting wellness is a win win situation that helps prevent costs associated with healthcare. Massages or even a day at the spa are concrete ways to reduce stress. They send the message that your organization promotes the idea of maintaining a balance between working and unwinding.

2) The Flex Sked Method
Offering flexible work arrangements recognizes that different employees have different needs. For instance, when school is in session, some professionals with kids appreciate adjusting their work schedules so they can pick up kids at school. Customizing hours can include working longer hours and taking every other Friday off or altering work weeks seasonally.

3) Free Shots
Providing free flu shots before flu season hits helps prevent waves of absenteeism that can spread quickly through your workplace.

4) Carwashes and Oil Changes
An employee's car is a vital component in ensuring they make it in to work on time. Helping maintain it saves your business time and money.

5) Springing for Parking
Commutes vary for different people, but paying for a month's worth of parking or public transit makes a difference.

6) Make it a Good Hair Day
A haircut or a session at the salon can do wonders for workers. Facials and manicures are also great for employees.

7) Keep it Clean
Paying for or picking up dry cleaning for your workers is a simple gesture that will keep you and your employees looking your best.

8) Dog Days
Designating special days (say Fridays) when employees can bring their dog to work has a variety of benefits. They may be prone to work later and will be forced to take dog walking breaks that will reduce their stress.

9) Get in the Gaming
Gaming days featuring casino games (with prizes for winners), ping pong, foosball or pinball machines are a relatively inexpensive way to promote employee fun. You can do it offsite or rent games for your workplace and temporarily turn it into a gaming zone.

10) Cater Days
Designate certain days of the week to cater in lunches for people. Strategies that keep employees onsite make them more productive and this works especially well during crunch time on a critical project.

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