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Q. My employees are constantly fighting over the thermostat. It's always too cold for one person and too warm for another. Help me bring peace to my office.

A. Arbitrations like this can be difficult because it's likely that nobody will come away from it entirely happy. One thing you might try is to examine the work areas to see if moving somebody closer to or further from a vent might help. In this way you show that you're taking everybody's concerns seriously.

Start by asking your team for suggestions to a resolution since solutions that they develop and agree to may be more thoroughly embraced than solutions that are forced down from above.

Some of those solutions might include setting up a schedule so that each person has control of the thermostat on particular days. Alternately, you could put in a programmable and lockable thermostat that is locked to a middle ground temperature that everybody agrees to compromise to.

As you're speaking with your employees, be sure to examine other dynamics to determine whether the thermostat is serving as a proxy to a more serious conflict between the teams.

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