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Adopting Different Management Styles

One of the common guidelines for managers is to treat everyone fairly and not to play favorites, but is regimented ruling always the best policy? Here are some pointers that can help you keep your managerial style flexible and fluid to accommodate everyone on your team.


5 Steps to Higher Productivity

As a manager, you’re always on the lookout for ways to get more out of your team. Productivity begins with investing – investing more time in your people and in giving them the tools they need to succeed. Here are five steps you can take to enhance efficiency and get the most out of every work day.


Book Review

How to Manage Problem Employees:
A Step-by-Step Guide for Turning Difficult Employees into High Performers

by Glenn Shepard

We’ve all heard the saying that a crisis is really an opportunity in disguise. How to Manage Problem Employees is a hands-on tool for solving everyday problems with employees. It takes the view that problematic workers present unique opportunities to develop into high performers.


Q. My employees are constantly fighting over the thermostat. It's always too cold for one person and too warm for another. Help me bring peace to my office.

A. Arbitrations like this can be difficult because it's likely that nobody will come away from it entirely happy. One thing you might try is to examine the work areas to see if moving somebody closer to or further from a vent might help. In this way you show that you're taking everybody's concerns seriously.


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Question: What is the ideal temperature for an office?


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