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Client Spotlight on Michael Kawamoto, HR Manager:
Setting the Stage for Strategic Growth

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As the Human Resources Manager of a massive facility that provides services across the globe, Michael Kawamoto faces staffing challenges on a day-to-day basis. Mr. Kawamoto and his team are responsible not only for ensuring the smooth administration of this facility’s expanding workforce, but also for meeting the on-going need for qualified contingency staff. In early 2004, Mr. Kawamoto took a proactive step in anticipation of a greater need for both Direct Hire and Temporary employees. He began laying the groundwork to obtain and accommodate the services of an on-site staffing vendor.

Now comprised of over 700 full-time professionals, Zebra Technologies’ workforce at the Camarillo, California facility alone outnumbers most American organizations. Employees working here include high-level executives, engineers, technical professionals, quality assurance staff and administrative personnel. Human capital-wise, this location is the largest in the company. And as Mr. Kawamoto projected, it continues to grow at a brisk pace.

The Strategic Service Provider

Employing a tactical, service-oriented approach, Mr. Kawamoto sees the other departments in the Camarillo facility as end-users who rely on his team for total HR solutions. He leads his department in their commitment to consistently deliver TQM-level metrics and results to their Internal Costumers, with emphasis on cost control and quick turnaround. To enhance his team’s ability to expediently deliver qualified contingency personnel, Mr. Kawamoto laid down the foundation for working with on-site staffing vendors.

Fortunately, Mr. Kawamoto has the key advantage of having experience in growing and improving small, mid and large cap companies in the areas of operations and Human Resources. In addition to affording him a broad, well-balanced perspective, this considerable exposure makes Mr. Kawamoto cognizant of programs that are cost-effective, efficient and highly strategic – qualities necessary for the effective implementation of HR best practices.

Laying the Groundwork

To optimize the advantages that on-site staffing services will bring, Mr. Kawamoto and his team drafted a business plan outlining staffing best practices. They prioritized the importance of the positions that needed filling and aligned those with cost, and determined which positions were non-critical and viable for outsourcing. It was only after the business plan was reviewed, retooled and solidified that Mr. Kawamoto and his team opened their doors to staffing vendors.

“AppleOne was selected among five providers to help us develop our HR operations,” says Mr. Kawamoto. “Prior to working with them, I designed a program and set metrics for the services I require. I am happy to say that AppleOne was able to and continues to not just meet, but even exceed these standards. Working in collaboration with them, particularly the Human Resources Consulting Group, has set a benchmark of what an on-site program could be for Zebra Technologies.” The Human Resources Consulting Group, or HRCG, is the AppleOne division that specializes in large-volume staffing.

A Successful Partnership

Part of this program is a very comprehensive staffing procurement procedure, which, according to Mr. Kawamoto, systematizes the procurement and placement of contingency staff to ensure that there are no shortages and no surplus manpower. “Essentially, this procurement strategy serves to ensure precision and accuracy to boost productivity. Our partnership with AppleOne has been very successful, not only for this program, but for others as well, and they have been critical in our thrust for aggressive growth. The temporary or contingency staff volume at our location has grown by over 20% since April last year, and we have 174 on-site contingency staff at present.” Of these, 95% are light industrial workers, and the other 5% are either clerical or technical personnel.

According to Mr. Kawamoto, the results are so successful that Zebra Technologies is planning to replicate and implement their Camarillo location’s On-Site Program in other key locations.

About the Zebra Technologies
As the world's leading manufacturer of bar code label printing systems, Zebra Technologies delivers innovative and reliable on-demand printing solutions to governments and Fortune 500 and Global 2000 businesses the world over. Its printing systems are used for such applications as inventory control, driver licensing, hospital patient identification, employee time and attendance monitoring, and automated warehousing. Headquartered in Vernon Hills Illinois, Zebra currently has 23 facilities in 17 countries, and employs 2,200 people. Our featured client, Mr. Kawamoto, is the Human Resources Manager of the company’s facility in Camarillo, California. As the largest Zebra Technologies location, the Camarillo facility currently houses 700 employees and 174 temporary employees.

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