Offshoring: The Debate Rages On

One of the hot-button issues in the upcoming presidential election is the debate concerning US jobs going overseas. “Offshoring” is employing foreign workers in their home countries to perform high-tech services like writing computer code and developing software. More...

Care and Feeding of First-Time Managers

First-time managers often possess a lot of enthusiasm, determination, self-discipline, and of course those key skills that earned them the promotion in the first place. However, to be successful in their new role, they must also be able to communicate, delegate, mentor, motivate, and solve problems on a team or departmental level – abilities that they probably had neither the opportunity nor the need to develop in their previous position. When it comes to being effective leaders, first-time managers can only be as good as the support and training that the organization gives them. Here's what you can do to create nurturing and empowering environment that will allow them to flourish. More...

A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice
by Michael Armstrong
9th Edition, Kogan Page Ltd., 979 pages, $55

Keeping up with current thinking and practice in the Human Resources field is challenging and can take up valuable time. A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice is indispensable for those who need an oracle to consult with questions about everything from policies to talent management. It's a great resource with overviews of key issues and in-depth discussions about the ever-changing roles that HR departments play and gives a glimpse of likely future trends in Human Resources. More...

Q. Where are all of the great applicants? With all of the reports of high unemployment, I can't believe how much trouble I'm having staffing my department. We post ads and we get a lot of responses, but it seems like none of the respondents actually read the ad. I went to some of the job boards to search for resumes, but most of the matches I found didn't even call me back.

A. We can certainly sympathize. Recruiting, particularly in periods of high unemployment, takes a lot of effort to get just a little return. You mentioned searching on some of the job boards. Have you tried AppleOne's
Direct Source allows you to search through a database of resumes as well, but it's different in a few key ways. First, it's free to search. This is nice because it means you don't have to pay until you're sure you've found a match you're going to hire. Click for more info

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