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Considering Resume Screening Software

Businesses are constantly looking for more efficient technological tools to ease their sourcing and recruiting duties. Resume screening software is touted as a hiring manager's dream technology, capable of saving time and eliminating the tedious task of manually going through resumes. More...

Employee Recognition: Practical Ways to Positively Reinforce

In challenging times, when we increasingly pressure our staff to do more with less, maintaining a satisfied and productive workforce is harder than ever. So what can you as a manager do to keep your staff motivated? According to experts, it's as simple as remembering to give recognition when and where it's due. More...

Book Review

How to Measure Human Resource Management
-by Jac Fitz-Enz and Barbara Davison, 351 pages, $49.95

Human Resources departments are ever-evolving components of an organization's decision hierarchy, and measuring their effectiveness is valuable for HR managers looking to position their divisions as vital, value-added partners. How to Measure Human Resource Management is a tool for evaluating and improving Human Resources to keep departments in step with a company's bigger picture without losing sight of individual employee issues. More...

Q. Like so many other companies, we are in the middle of a salary and hiring freeze. I completely understand and support the need for that, but I just came across a once-in-a-lifetime applicant. She has everything that we typically look for, and I'd hate to let her slip through our fingers. Can you provide me with any ammunition I can take to my supervisors to convince them that we need to hire this person?

A. Employees are the life blood of any organization. Regardless of where you are in the economic cycle, when you find an A level candidate, scoop them up. If you don't, then your competitors or some other organization certainly will. Even in the most aggressive hiring freezes, critical positions that are vacated are going to be filled. You have to demonstrate to your supervisor what it is about this person that makes them critical to the organization. Right now, they're seeing a new position as a new cost. Every position is ultimately about the productivity and value that the individual puts into the company, more than the salary and other costs that they take out. You need to turn the view around and emphasize the value that the individual adds to the company, so that you can show that the true cost is in letting them pass you by.

You might also want to speak with your AppleOne Account Executive. We may be able to send this person to you as a temp-to-hire. Contingency labor often falls under a different budget than staff employees, and in this way you could hold on to them until your hiring freeze relaxes enough to make the hire an easier sell.

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