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Empower Your Businesses with Enhanced Document Management Solutions

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Studies show that employees typically spend 40% of their time filing, searching for and even waiting for documents. If you are looking to affordably regain this considerable amount of lost productivity through effective document management solutions, AppleOne can help. As part of the Act•1 Group, AppleOne can connect you to workforce solutions and business services that expand beyond employment. Document management and retention is a challenge for every company, and our partner, DSSI, can provide solutions that make sense. Read on to learn more about this valuable service.

The DSSI Difference
DSSI’s Document Management System eliminates the time-consuming process of pushing paper around your office, not to mention storage retrieval and archiving costs. “At DSSI, our purpose is to help businesses of all sizes efficiently capture, convert, distribute, store, and manage their documents and data,” says Executive Vice President Nancy Lazenby. “Information is everywhere in an organization—whether it's on paper, in folders on their network, on microfilm, or any other format, having the ability to access those documents in order to make critical business decisions can give a company their competitive advantage.  At DSSI we don’t believe that managing those documents should be either difficult or costly.”

Ensuring Security and Compliance
According to Lazenby, DSSI can customize a solution for any businesses regardless of size, thus enhancing their customer satisfaction and boosting productivity. “At the same time,” she adds, “it reduces their susceptibility to risk by protecting their information assets from destruction or disaster, and ensuring compliance with government regulations through permanent electronic document storage.”

By converting existing paper-based processes into an electronic workflow, operations become more efficiently managed and manual effort is eliminated. More importantly, your business maintains full access to documents such as critical business files without having to deal with the innate disadvantages of paper—making room for considerable benefits of virtual document management. As a complete document imaging and content management solution, DSSI seamlessly integrates leading-edge tools and technology for Web-based document and electronic file management. It’s the ideal solution for companies looking for a robust document management solution without the cost of purchasing hardware, software and associated IT-related infrastructure expenses.

Over a Decade of Proven Results
For over 13 years, businesses of all sizes have turned to Document Scanning Systems & Imaging (DSSI) to help them gain control over their information assets. As a full-service provider of document imaging and content management solutions and services, DSSI has helped many corporate, legal, medical and government entities effectively control, manage and distribute documents and information while reducing their operating costs. DSSI offers a wide range of products and services tailored to the specific needs of business, including document imaging conversion services, secure web-based document repository hosting, and hardware and software solutions geared towards helping organizations do more with fewer resources.

Driving Up Efficiency and Productivity
  • Boost Productivity while Reducing Operational Costs and Errors
  • No Hardware or Software to Buy
  • Low Monthly Subscription Cost and Immediate ROI
  • Getting Started Is Fast and Easy--We Do It For You
  • On-Site and Offsite Document Processing Services, from Scanning to Shredding
  • No Drain on IT Resources
  • Eco-Friendly Options to Support Green Initiatives and Reduce Waste
  • Compliance with HIPAA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and Other Government Regulations
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