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The Finer Points of Listening

One of the keys to retaining your best employees is paying attention to their needs. Listening is one of the must have tools a good leader uses frequently. It leads to respect, trust, and a sense of camaraderie between communicating parties. Different aspects of listening include hearing what your workers are really saying, allowing for brainstorming, and even keeping an ear to the office grapevine. Here are some finer points of listening that managers can put into practice to open doorways to a better work environment and increased efficiency and productivity.


Act•1 Group CEO Featured on BET for Women's History Month

To celebrate Women’s History Month, interviewed AppleOne and the Act•1 Group CEO Janice Bryant Howroyd and is featuring her on their Web site throughout the month of March. Just last year, Janice won the Entrepreneur Award during the prestigious ‘2008 BET Honors’ event. Other luminaries recognized that evening included The Honorable Maxine Waters, Richard Parsons, Alicia Keys, Dr. Cornel West, and Tyra Banks.


Empower Your Businesses with Enhanced Document Management Solutions

Studies show that employees typically spend 40% of their time filing, searching for and even waiting for documents. If you are looking to affordably regain this considerable amount of lost productivity through effective document management solutions, AppleOne can help. As part of the Act•1 Group, AppleOne can connect you to workforce solutions and business services that expand beyond employment. Document management and retention is a challenge for every company, and our partner, DSSI, can provide solutions that make sense. Read on to learn more about this valuable service.


Book Review

96 Great Interview Questions to Ask
by Paul Falcone

With the glut of information on interviewing available to hiring managers it's good to have a system for maintaining consistent, yet rigorous hiring standards. Falcone used his extensive background as a mortgage company employment manager to compile this list of questions designed to probe, stimulate, and reveal an interviewee's true colors. 96 Great Interview Questions to Ask explores not only the questions themselves, but delves into the why's behind them. Managers who recognize how critical it is to hire right the first time will welcome this illuminating book.


Q. I found somebody I want to hire. In the past, when I went through you, you provided me with background checks. Can you do a background check on somebody I found on my own?

A. We work with a partner company, A-check America, for all of our background and drug screening needs. They would be happy to help you conduct a background check on your candidate. You can go to their website or call them toll free at (877) 345-2021.

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