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Time Management from the Inside Out: The Foolproof System for Taking Control of Your Schedule and Your Life

by author Julie Morgenstern
Owl Books, 239 pages, $8.45

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Managing time is an art in itself and much has been written about this forever timely topic. Time stretched managers recognize how vital it is to be able to effectively manage their schedules. What sets Time Management from the Inside Out apart is its approach to time. Morgenstern advocates making time tangible instead of viewing it as an abstract concept. To help the reader grasp this she uses Time Maps, visualizations, and actual case studies. Anyone interested in maximizing their time in and outside of work will find this helps inform daily decisions and sharpen your short and long term goals.

Time Management from the Inside Out is about designing a custom schedule that is right for you based on your unique personality needs and goals. The author describes different case studies then prescribes the best way to schedule based on your priorities. "In my own journey to getting organized, my biggest breakthrough came when I realized that organizing time really is no different than organizing space," writes Morgenstern. She illustrates this by comparing a cluttered closet to a cluttered schedule. Recalling activity zones that kindergarteners use as a model of organizing space, she shows how to zone out your own calendar that reflects your aspirations. As Morgenstern puts it, "Each day is simply a container, a storage unit that has a definite capacity you can reach."

Continuing with the space theme, the author introduces her SPACE formula:

  • Sort
  • Purge
  • Assign
  • Containerize
  • Equalize

Of course, our own personal energy cycles are the best barometers for knowing how to plan our days. Determining what hinders us and pinpointing how much time tasks actually take are insightful sections. Another extremely relevant topic that Morgenstern takes on is technology. She identifies technology time sinks and emphasizes that technologies were invented to streamline tasks, create order, and ultimately save time.

Anyone who finds themselves overwhelmed or caught up in a defeatist attitude will welcome Time Management from the Inside Out's secret of merging their day-to-day activities with big picture goals. This makes it easier to take ownership of your schedule instead of spinning your wheels under one that is imposed on you. If you're anxious to increase your own productivity and take better advantage of your leisure time, take the time to read and practice Time Management from the Inside Out.

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