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Q. The woman I interviewed today is fantastic. We all absolutely loved her. The only problem is that she has an MBA and absolutely won't consider a salary at the top of the range that we have budgeted. The position doesn't require an MBA, and her degree just isn't worth what she thinks it is for this position. Is there anything we can do to bring everybody together?

A. The reality is that higher education can often cost a good deal of money, and your applican't may still have a good deal of debt that she needs to pay off. It's also likely that she would like to recoup the investment she's made in herself. It really may not be possible for her to accept less. If you have any kind of tuition reimbursement benefit, you might be able to find a way to get creative with your compensation plan.

Another option would be to look at an alternate position within your organization. Is there a spot that would require an MBA which would allow you to budget more for the position? People are the single most important resource in any organization. If you find one that seems perfect, then you owe it to the company to do anything you can to bring them on board. Even creating a position — assuming you can afford it, can really pay off in the long-run.

Barring that, if you really can't offer more, and she really can't accept less, then you may need to move on to an alternate candidate.

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