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The Ins and Outs of Hiring Hidden Candidates

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Today's workforce is highly mobile and managers are constantly looking for ways to lure topnotch performers their way. Although someone may not actively be seeking employment, the right situation can tempt them to reconsider. Instead of offering more compensation and benefits, there are other things like flexibility and creative control that you can offer these hidden candidates. Here are some strategies for recruiting and hiring those instant impact professionals bound to make managers look good.

Start at Home
Your best performers are your best assets in more ways than you may realize. Make it a point to praise their work and how well they are fitting in with your organization's objectives. Then ask them about the superstars they've worked with in the past. Get details on these professionals – what were their fortes, what would they most like to be doing and are they being challenged in their current positions? Be proactive and frank about your desire to recruit more top performers who can contribute like your best workers do. Although you are focusing on individuals, it's essential to keep in mind that they will be part of a bigger whole. Establishing a formal employee referral program that rewards for topnotch referrals is a good method to spur your employees to start "naming names."

Be Compelling
What can people expect if they jump ship and head for your company? If you answered "Better pay and benefits," try again. Today's workers are looking for more than the traditional carrots to lure them away. "I've heard of highly coveted workers being enticed by things like flexible daycare programs and special projects they were targeted to head up," says HR Director Robin Zemanik. Do your research to make sure the sought after candidate is a good fit, then go after them with all you've got.

Select a Staffing Service
Another creative way to tap into hidden candidates is to partner with a staffing service. AppleOne has the ability to selectively recruit from your company's competition to uncover hidden gems you might not be aware of. Account Executives take the time to go beyond resumes and discreetly discover exceptional individuals who can fill specific needs now. This eliminates time consuming screening tasks and frees you to get straight to hidden talent so you can decide for yourself.

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