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The Ins and Outs of Job Simulations

Determining how a candidate will perform in an open position is an inexact science. The interview process can reveal patterns in behavior, but often responses tend to be as predictable as the questions. Standardized personality tests have limitations when it comes to gauging character and how an individual will react under pressure. References from former employers can be unreliable and offer only cursory information about past performance.

Because many of today’s positions require technological skill as well as human interaction, it’s a challenge to evaluate a candidate’s true abilities. Increasingly, companies are turning to job simulations to help them select the best fit for a position. Replicating the conditions they will be exposed to when they are on the job can demonstrate abilities that are not apparent by using traditional testing methods. If you are considering using job simulations, these are guidelines for implementing them.


E-mail Etiquette: A Refresher Course for Managers
by Joan Lloyd

Some managers – particularly those who are less comfortable with groups – rely on e-mail as their primary source of communication. While they may rationalize that it makes them more productive to communicate 24/7, their team suffers. E-mail-or e-mail distribution lists don’t take the place of team meetings and team communication. There is an enormous value when the team can discuss issues and explore ideas together.


Book Review

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
by John C. Maxwell

There are times when we feel at the peak of our abilities and Flow posits that these rare breakthroughs, or optimal experiences, can be controlled and more fully realized. The core of the Flow philosophy is that our best moments usually occur when our minds or bodies are stretched to their limit to accomplish something difficult.

Flow itself is “the state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter.” Csikszentmihalyi studied experts in fields ranging from medicine to the arts to see how people felt when they most enjoyed themselves and why they felt that way. Although only one chapter is devoted specifically to work, anyone who wants to improve their concentration and dedication will appreciate Flow as a catalyst and a call to action.


Q. One of my team just told me that she was leaving to go back to school. In reviewing her employment file, there's something in there about an AppleOne guarantee. I just started with this company about 2 months ago, so I'm not sure how that works. Can you provide any information?

A. What you probably have is the certificate for AppleOne's 5•50 Assurance Program direct hire placement. With the 5•50, AppleOne secures your hiring investment for up to 5 full years. If an employee placed by AppleOne leaves for any reason after 30 days, we provide a free replacement. If they leave within 90 days, we provide a free replacement or prorated refund. If an employee leaves for any reason after 90 days and up to 5 years, we will replace them at half your original direct hire fee. Your AppleOne Account Executive can explain more about the program or how you can redeem your guarantee.


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