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Rules of the Road - Background Checks

For most companies, a background check comprised of a criminal search for a felony and misdemeanor report and a Social Security trace is sufficient in verifying the identity and validity of a candidate. But beyond these basics are other rules of the road that employers should be aware of. They must avoid crossing privacy lines with potential employees and take steps to avoid liability that could potentially harm their business. "Given the current atmosphere within the background screening industry, we have to protect the interests of our employer clients,” says Kym Kurey, Compliance Manager at A-Check America. “This means that employers must follow the Federal and state guidelines in place to ensure the most accurate and successful employment decision possible.” More...

Being Friendly vs. Being Friends:
Which Is the Best Leadership Strategy?

Reprinted with permission from author Cheri Swales, Monster Contributing Writer

If you've worked with the same company for several years, you've probably built many friendships. Some of your coworkers might be close friends, while others are individuals with whom you might share a weekend story on Monday morning. A friendship at work can be a powerful networking tool or as toxic as Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp's relationship. What works best when you are in a leadership position?

Topgrading: How Leading Companies Win by Hiring, Coaching and Keeping the Best People

by Bradford D. Smart
Prentice Hall Art, 403 pages, $19.80

The ability to hire the best people is one of the factors distinguishing premiere companies from mediocre firms. Topgrading puts a system in place for decision makers who seek to gain an edge in this critical process. Investing time in this book will save you unpleasant surprises and headaches down the road once a new hire comes onboard. More...

Q: About a month ago, we hired one of your people on a temp-to-perm basis. Now that I've had a chance to work with her, I can already see that she's going to work out very well for us. It seems silly to wait the full 90 days to let her know. What would be the advantages or disadvantages of just transitioning her to our payroll right now?

A: That's great! Even after more than four decades of successful placements, we're always thrilled when we hear about another match that has worked out so well. There are a few advantages to taking an employee on to your payroll immediately. First and foremost she will no longer think of herself as being temporary with you. Even though the position is Temp-to-Hire, until the associate is actually hired by you, they typically won't feel the same level of commitment that they will once they've actually been hired. Also, even though we stop calling them for other positions, it doesn't mean they aren't considering other sources of work. Until somebody is actually hired, they're typically still looking. More...

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