Are You Running a Marathon—or Only A 100-Yard Dash?
by Mel Kleiman

Can you imagine an athlete training for the Boston marathon by strolling around the block once a week? Ideally, this “athlete” would find a coach who insisted on a more rigorous training regimen.


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Are We Ready for a Comeback?
by Janice Bryant Howroyd

The deluge of pink slips that washed over the country in 2009 left much despair in its wake. Will the tide turn in 2010? Will business and the U.S. worker be able to forge together to revitalize the job market?


Q. You recently sent me a survey regarding salary and benefits trends. When will you have the results of that, and can I get a copy.

A. Our 2010 Salary Guide is available now. In addition to covering salary ranges for a number of positions, the guide features the results of a survey of the impact of the recession and expectations for recovery. There are also a number of tips to help you maximize your organization's or department's productivity. Maximizing productivity was identified as the number one goal of companies right now. You can contact your account representative to request a free copy of the guide, or submit your request here:

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