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Q. In my last job, we always used AppleOne for recruiting, and I always had fantastic results. My new employer has never used a recruiting firm before, and I'm getting some push-back from my manager. What can I tell her that will get me back to the simple hires I used to enjoy?

A. It may be best to set up an introductory meeting with your manager and an AppleOne representative. Many of our clients hadn't used an employment service before they started working with us, and after they met with us, they saw that it was a good use of their time. There are a number of advantages as you know including: Quality - even if you want to recruit yourself, you can benchmark your candidates against the candidates AppleOne provides to make sure you're getting the best person for the job. There is no cost unless you do choose to hire an AppleOne candidate, so it's a simple way to make sure you're getting the best person. Speed is another advantage. AppleOne has tuned our systems to deliver the fastest results possible, and if you help your manager to calculate your Cost of Vacancy, they'll see that AppleOne is easily a more cost-effective solution. There are countless other advantages, so a meeting with your manager to determine what's most important to your current employer would be the best approach.

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