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Q. With all this talk of recession, I'm wondering if I should change the way I hire in any way.

A. It's better to let the needs of your business dictate hiring as opposed to generalized trends and predictions. Quality people are the lifeblood of any organization, so in any economic cycle, your first priority should always be to find and retain the best people that you can.

When the economy is less certain, it gets quite a bit harder to find quality people. Good people will be less likely to want to risk leaving the relative security of their current position, and as unemployment rates rise, you'll often find that you have to sift through a growing mass of poor matches to find the rare perfect matches that your business needs.

This is where a good employment services is worth their weight in gold, so speak with your AppleOne rep about the specific needs of your business, and they'll help you craft a strategy that gets you everything you need to succeed.

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