Killing Motivation With Kindness

Motivating workers is a full-time job in itself for managers who are required to be flexible, people-focused diplomats. Add in the challenge of trying to adjust to a generation of younger workers characterized as being accustomed to recognition and praise, and it makes for a tough time for tough bosses. Many books tout the advantages of an open, "kid gloves" style of managing, but it's also possible to kill motivation with kindness. Here are situations when a "cracking the whip" approach is a better way to motivate your team and improve their performance.


Getting Down to Business: Writing Clear Corporate Correspondence
by Dianna Booher

Are you having trouble drafting an important letter? If so, you're not alone. When I ask participants in our writing workshops to list problems they encounter in letter writing, I most frequently hear "getting started" and "knowing exactly what I want to say." Effective letters and email don't just happen. They take thought and planning.


Book Review

Management Skills for New Managers
by Carol W. Ellis

The first thing a new manager should remember is that they have been rewarded for doing a good job of managing themselves. The trick now is to learn the most effective methods for managing your team. Management Skills for New Managers begins by asking managers to define their new role to discover how to create an environment where people can get things done. New managers looking to effectively communicate, delegate, and motivate their teams will find this workbook informative and insightful. The action plans and examples frame challenges in a way that new supervisors at all levels can understand and put into practice.


Q. With all this talk of recession, I'm wondering if I should change the way I hire in any way.

A. It's better to let the needs of your business dictate hiring as opposed to generalized trends and predictions. Quality people are the lifeblood of any organization, so in any economic cycle, your first priority should always be to find and retain the best people that you can.


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