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Never Fry Bacon in the Nude: And Other Lessons from the Quick and the Dead

by Stone Payton

Weyant Press, 188 pages, $7.00

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Improving organizational speed is critical for any manager looking to compete in today's quickening business world. "Succeed with speed" is Never Fry Bacon in the Nude's battle cry and Payton offers a candid look at how companies can speed up processes and still get optimum results. Everything about this helpful book is quick — it's a quick read with quickly digestible tidbits that will have supervisors on any scale inspiring employees to work fast and smart.

The author recalls the flash of lightning that eventually became his guiding principle. During a talk, he heard speaker/salesperson Steve Brown proclaim that "The only difference between the salesperson who earns $100,000 a year and the one who earns $50,000 a year is this: The one who earns $100,000 makes his money twice as fast." This was the eureka moment for Payton and out of it blossomed his philosophies.

According to Payton, the sources of competitive advantage (talent, technology, capital, intellectual property, product superiority) all have a short shelf-life. "Neglecting speed (failing to incorporate a systematic, deliberate process for increasing the ratio of results to time invested) is like frying bacon in the nude. It might feel good at first, but without the right disciplines in place, we're dangerously overexposed and very likely to get burned."

Never Fry Bacon in the Nude isolates disciplines of fast, agile organizations and the practices of their high velocity leaders. The book examines the three populations that leaders must increasingly cater to. All focused on their own survival and prosperity, they are:

  1. Acutely perceptive employees who ultimately determine the organization's level of discretionary effort
  2. Increasingly sophisticated and unforgiving customers
  3. Faster, more nimble competitors poised to create and fill the next void

Of course, incorporating speed without sacrificing quality demands a lot of discipline from leaders. Included are point-by-point recommendations and checklists that help to actualize Payton's techniques. Anyone in a supervisory position looking to pull their workforce into the fast lane and get up to maximum velocity should give Never Fry a try.

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