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Q. What is the difference between Direct Hire and Temporary-to-Hire?

A. Direct Hire and Temporary-to-Hire are similar in that they both result in an employee that you will be bringing onto your payroll. However, with Direct Hire you begin paying them directly immediately where as with Temporary-to-Hire AppleOne keeps the associate on our payroll for a prearranged evaluation period.

There are advantages to both methods of hiring. The main advantage to Direct Hire is choice. Typically, individuals who are already employed at another company will not give up their job for something with less security like a Temporary-to-Hire position. That means that with Temporary-to-Hire, your choices will be limited to only those people who are not currently employed. Additionally, our Direct Hires are covered by our various assurance programs and in fact are eligible for our 5•50 Assurance plan which will protect your hiring investment for up to 5 years. For Temporary-to-Hire, it is assumed that since you've already had the evaluation period, there is no need for additional assurance beyond that. Additionally, your future employee will typically feel better about getting a Direct Hire offer because it will give them a greater sense of security and belonging and typically will get them access to your company's benefits sooner.

The advantage to Temporary-to-Hire is that you're able to try before you buy. This is nice if you feel good about an applicant, but still have some questions about their ability to perform up to your level of expectation. It also spreads the fee to acquire the person out over a longer period of time which can be helpful in certain accounting and budgeting situations.

You should discuss your particular needs with your AppleOne representative, and they will help you select the method that will be best for your particular situation.

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