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Mentoring New Hires for Success

Getting a new hire up to speed is a delicate balance between giving them too much information and responsibility too quickly and not properly challenging them during their first days on the job. This "infancy" period is critical in setting the tone and establishing on the job expectations.


Leading Effectively through Clear Communication

By Joan Lloyd

Great communicators tend to be excellent leaders because they speak openly about what they think about, instead of expecting people to figure it out from watching their actions. They are easier to follow — people know where they are going, why they want to get there and what they have to do to move toward the goal. It sounds so simple; you would think every leader would just automatically be aware of the power of transparent, intentional communication. But they aren't. If you are a leader who wants to lead with more clarity, here are a few things to consider:


Book Review

Never Fry Bacon in the Nude: And Other Lessons from the Quick and the Dead

by Stone Payton

Improving organizational speed is critical for any manager looking to compete in today's quickening business world. "Succeed with speed" is Never Fry Bacon in the Nude's battle cry and Payton offers a candid look at how companies can speed up processes and still get optimum results. Everything about this helpful book is quick — it's a quick read with quickly digestible tidbits that will have supervisors on any scale inspiring employees to work fast and smart.


Q. What is the difference between Direct Hire and Temporary-to-Hire?

A. Direct Hire and Temporary-to-Hire are similar in that they both result in an employee that you will be bringing onto your payroll. However, with Direct Hire you begin paying them directly immediately where as with Temporary-to-Hire AppleOne keeps the associate on our payroll for a prearranged evaluation period.


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