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Internal Hiring: Do It the Right Way

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Today’s healthy job market is good news for professionals, but it can create headaches for managers looking to retain their best and brightest. One way to send a message to the top people within your organization that you can compete with what other companies may offer is to promote from within. Employees who are looking for unexpected turns in their career paths will be delighted by the prospect of developing in their current positions or taking on new roles and challenges.

Here are some ways managers can make a positive impact on internal hiring:

  • Discuss an employee’s current job role to assess what they like and dislike about it
  • Meet with them to create career paths that reflect their unique skills and interests
  • Provide employees with the coaching, experience and training they need to advance
  • Share performance appraisals with other managers of top prospects for future openings
  • Create a business culture that rewards performance by nurturing and encouraging internal mobility

Have a Game Plan

The key to successfully hiring internally is to have rules and requirements in place regarding promoting and filling positions that open up. This includes an employee’s tenure in a position before they can move internally and performance guidelines for advancing. Before communicating that a position is open, be sure that you have a thorough job description and know precisely what you are looking for. This makes it easier to hire the strongest candidate as opposed to the company favorite.

Know When to Train

Promoting from within is more cost-efficient than recruiting an outsider because you save on the expense of recruiting and training. During the evaluation process, you may discover there is a gap between a candidate’s existing skills and the requirements for the open position. Assess how close they are to your ideal candidate. Consider coaching and outside training for a higher-level job. Investing time and resources in the candidate sends a message to everyone in your organization that you are interested in grooming employees for bigger and better things.

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