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Spring Forward To A Cleaner, Better Workspace!

It's been said that a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. As a manager, that is the last image you want to project, no matter how busy you are. When it comes to the workplace, empty coffee mugs, old publications and messy piles of paper don’t just create an unfavorable impression on your staff, co-workers, superiors and clients – they can stifle your creativity and productivity. And yes, a less-than-immaculate work environment can even make you sick. So while any day is a great day to resolve to tidy up, there’s no better time than now to actually spring into action. If the thought of wading through workspace chaos seems overwhelming, worry not. The simple tips below will make the task painless – and liberating!


Internal Hiring: Do It the Right Way

Today’s healthy job market is good news for professionals, but it can create headaches for managers looking to retain their best and brightest. One way to send a message to the top people within your organization that you can compete with what other companies may offer is to promote from within. Employees who are looking for unexpected turns in their career paths will be delighted by the prospect of developing in their current positions or taking on new roles and challenges


Book Review

The 360° Leader

by John C. Maxwell

The 360° Leader systematically tears down myths of leadership in sections called “The Myth of Influence” and “The Myth of Control.” The messages communicated here all begin with vision – the core characteristic of all great managers. Workers at any level in an organization will be challenged to coach, to do what others won’t and to reward for results. Maxwell devotes more time to exploring leadership from the middle of a company, which he sees as a wide open frontier and prime opportunity for those who are not the main leader.


Q. I've been thinking about hiring somebody. My one concern is that their resume shows a lot of job jumping. Is that something that I should really be concerned about?

A. There's no one right answer to a question like that. The only possible answer is "it depends." You're seeing a pattern in this person's history. As the stock market people are fond of saying, past performance is not an indication of future performance. Still, patterns tend to repeat themselves.


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