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Just Promoted! How to Survive and Thrive in Your First 12 Months as a Manager

by Edward, H. Betof
McGraw-Hill, 273 pages, $11.28

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If you’ve ever felt like you were given the keys to the kingdom only to find that you need a set of instructions to go with them, Just Promoted! will give you the guidance you need. Newly-promoted managers and leaders who are making a career transition with more responsibility over people will find Betof’s no-nonsense approach refreshing and perceptive. With the fast pace of businesses today, managers do not have the time for long learning curves or the luxury of being naïve. This book offers advice, real-life stories, and tested strategies that will help prepare managers for workplace realities they will face day in and day out.
First-time managers will appreciate Betof’s describing familiar feelings of being out of control in a new position. The author has a knack for realistically appraising workplace situations without endlessly theorizing about them. At a time when your accomplishments have been recognized by your superiors, a big part of your challenge will be gaining respect from your former peers. According to Just Promoted! to successfully move up as a newly appointed manager you must:
  • Establish yourself in your new assignment
  • Achieve an impact on your organization
  • Manage the impact of moving up on your family and personal life

“You have distinguished yourself as a professional in your field, but not yet as a manager,” Betof writes. He stresses that newly-promoted managers need to strike a balance between creating distance between you and your former peers and interacting with them. Listening to your team’s views is vital to your success and will establish that the lines of communication are open.  Start off by asking for your subordinates’ input in making decisions that affect their work. While you’re gathering input, you will also have a chance to let your employees know what you expect from them.
Other valuable sections are ones on doing your homework so that you don’t feel overwhelmed, and setting realistic goals for your team. Betof fervently believes the adage that “respect is earned and not given,” and this deters newly appointed managers from feeling like they can coast in their new roles. The final part of Just Promoted! discusses how to integrate your professional success into your personal life.
Some new managers have a harder time accepting their own success than their former peers do. Betof’s book has strategies for increasing your confidence and composure to make the first steps you take in a position send clear messages to your team. Think of this as a road map that will not only comfort you, but will show you the most direct route to reach your destination of being a successful, respected manager.

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