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Q: I was recently promoted into a management position. It's an exciting opportunity, but I'm finding it impossible to keep up with my workload while helping everybody with all of their issues. I know I should be delegating some of this, but it just seems like I can do it quicker and better. But that means that suddenly there's three times as much work to do, and my husband is starting to complain that he never sees me. Help.

A: Congratulations on your recent promotion. You are correct in identifying delegation as an excellent way to get out of the hole you're digging for yourself. It can be difficult for people, particularly highly capable people, to surrender control. But, from the sounds of it, that's really what you need to work on accomplishing.

In the beginning, try to select an easy project. Make it something you feel confident that one of your reports will be able to handle. Make sure that you clearly state the expectations and the goal and then let it go. Your employee may not do it exactly the way that you would do it. That's fine. There are lots of ways to accomplish a task, and how something is done isn't as important as the fact that the results are what you need them to be. Resist the urge to micromanage the tasks and give your team a chance to earn your trust and respect. If there's a mistake, then you can correct it then, but generally you'll find that if you give quality employees your trust, they will reward you with excellent performance.

-Staffing Success

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