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Supercharge Your Team’s Productivity

Optimizing the productivity of a team is a priority for managers now because it sets the tempo for how your workers will operate throughout the year. Quick fix solutions can inject people with short term productivity gains, but the goal is to put a system in place that consistently delivers optimum results without sacrificing quality. Setting goals and striving to attain them is one piece of the puzzle. It’s also important to adapt these goals when necessary. Here are ways to supercharge your team’s productivity so you get as much out of your team as possible. More...

How to Effectively Communicate With Potential Hires

With businesses ramping up their human capital and rebuilding their teams, it’s likely that you will have your share of applicants coming in for interviews in the coming months. Employers and hiring managers are typically seen as having the upper hand, since it’s the interviewee who needs to prove that he or she is the best person for the job. In truth however, employers and hiring managers should take just as much care as interviewers for two key reasons. More...

Just Promoted! How to Survive and Thrive in Your First 12 Months as a Manager

by Edward, H. Betof
McGraw-Hill, 273 pages, $11.28

If you’ve ever felt like you were given the keys to the kingdom only to find that you need a set of instructions to go with them, Just Promoted! will give you the guidance you need. Newly-promoted managers and leaders who are making a career transition with more responsibility over people will find Betof’s no-nonsense approach refreshing and perceptive. With the fast pace of businesses today, managers do not have the time for long learning curves or the luxury of being naïve. This book offers advice, real-life stories, and tested strategies that will help prepare managers for workplace realities they will face day in and day out. More...

Q: I was recently promoted into a management position. It's an exciting opportunity, but I'm finding it impossible to keep up with my workload while helping everybody with all of their issues. I know I should be delegating some of this, but it just seems like I can do it quicker and better. But that means that suddenly there's 3 times as much work to do, and my husband is starting to complain that he never sees me. Help.

A: Congratulations on your recent promotion. You are correct in identifying delegation an excellent way to get out of the hole you're digging for yourself. It can be difficult for people, particularly highly capable people, to surrender control. But, from the sounds of it, that's really what you need to work on accomplishing. More...

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