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Manage Time and Attendance in Mere Seconds!

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Recognizing our clients' need for a more accurate, efficient and convenient way to manage time and attendance, AppleOne recently introduced On-Line Time Approval through As a powerful, value-added resource, Time Approval delivers unprecedented control over time and attendance by allowing managers to view, modify and approve multiple timecards in just a few clicks. Designed to be as powerful as it is user-friendly, Time Approval has been exceeding expectations in its ability to help managers optimize time and attendance, streamline costs, and centralize tasks.

Easier Than Ever
Since its release late last year, On-Line Time Approval has been receiving positive feedback from businesses of all sizes. Companies using the system agree that it is a vast improvement over paper time sheets, saying it has made managing time and attendance even easier than ever. "Now that we have been on the system for a little over a month, I am convinced there's no better way to manage time and attendance," says Jean, a hiring manager at a regional accounting firm. "As a manager, I really like how I can take care of reviewing and approving all of our seven temp's timecards in no time at all."

This kind of response is precisely why AppleOne devoted so much time and effort in developing this system from the ground, up. "Our priority is to make working with AppleOne as easy, beneficial and productive as possible for both our clients and associates," says AppleOne VP for Sales and Marketing Marc Goldman. "The On-Line Time Approval system is just another example of our commitment to providing client companies with the most innovative tools and resources."

Data on Demand
One of the many key benefits of Time Approval is that it places business intelligence within easy reach, allowing managers to access the audit trail and pull historical data whenever they wish. Even better, information that once took hours to compile — such as custom management reports
are just a few clicks away, so tracking expenditures, creating budgets or even forecasting future staffing needs can be done in a matter of seconds.

Accuracy Through Automation
In addition to giving managers a secure, convenient means to view, edit and approve their temporary employees' timecards, Time Approval also ensures accuracy and efficiency by automating the entire process — particularly the calculation of pay based on rates for regular time, overtime and double time. With the traditional paper time sheet method, temporary employees had to first have their hours approved by their supervisors before they could submit their time sheets to their branches for processing, and only then will the corresponding pay be calculated. With Time Approval, pay rates are calculated automatically, giving you a chance to confirm before the invoice gets generated.

Ready When You Are
So when can you replace your time and attendance management challenges with the convenience of On-Line Time Approval? The sooner, the better. Simply click here to request more information, or let your Account Executive know that you wish to convert to Time Approval so that he or she can help you set up your account.

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