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Stop Layoff Rumors to Maximize Productivity

With reports of layoffs in the news, your employees may be feeling uncertain. Anxious feelings and distrust can create a toxic work environment, but the good news is that there are steps managers can take to maintain morale and reassure workers. Here are ways that you can keep workers productive and morale intact.


Seven Solid Tips for Coaching for Positive Performance

Here are seven proven ideas from Ian Cook, CSP, that you can implement to improve your overall effectiveness as a manager in this area. For over twenty years, Ian, a speaker, trainer and facilitator, has been helping managers draw out the very best contributions their employees and teams can bring to the enterprise.


Book Review

Executive Think Time: Thinking that Gets Results
by Val Williams
Shadowbrook Publishing, 105 pages, $14.95

Although it clocks in at just over 100 pages, Executive Think Time will kick start busy, stressed out supervisors. The premise is simple: Think Time, or time to strategize and visualize is not on the daily schedule for most managers. As the book's title indicates, the author's aren't talking about reflecting. They are realistic enough to realize that in the business world results are what count. Anyone in a supervisory role who follows these suggestions for strategic thinking will find their goals getting clearer and plans aligning to meet them.


Q. I just had my first person quit on me. What now? Is there some paperwork I need to file or anything like that?

A. If you have an HR department, you should contact them. They will almost certainly have a process that will guide you. You should also ask your AppleOne representative for our Successful Termination Guide. It contains an Employee Separation Checklist that will help you remember to Notify Payroll, Collect Company Property, Change any sensitive access codes or keys, collect any outstanding projects, files and client contacts, provide the final paycheck, conduct an exit interview and a number of other important details. Your AppleOne representative can also help you to replace the departing employee so you can get back to full productivity as quickly as possible.

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