Delegation: The Forgotten Management Tool

Delegation is an important leadership skill that helps managers effectively manage their time as well as develop their team members. Unfortunately, delegating work is easier said than done for many managers. This article lists the most common reasons why managers are reluctant to delegate, and more importantly, how to delegate in a way that is beneficial to you and those who work for and with you.


Five Workplace Trends for Managers to Keep an Eye on in 2008

What does the New Year mean for managers? It's a good time to reflect on your team's accomplishments and an even better time to plan for success in the coming year. Here are five developments that have a foothold and will continue to gain traction in 2008.


Book Review

81 Challenges Smart Managers Face
by Tim Connor

Ever feel like there are things holding you back from being the best manager you can be? 81 Challenges Smart Managers Face treats these challenges as opportunities for you to evaluate where you are and where you want to be. Author Tim Connor breaks his list of challenges managers deal with into 13 categories that range from hiring to training to teambuilding. No matter what your level, Connor's techniques and concepts give insight into current, relevant scenarios you encounter daily. This book is especially vital because it addresses issues including technology and managing a diverse set of employees that managers face in today's workplace.


Q.  I got the salary guide that you guys did, and it's great. Thank you. The only thing is that I had a couple of locations that I couldn't figure out salary variances for. Can you help me with that?

A.  We'd be happy to help you. Your best bet would be to contact your Account Executive and ask them to help you with localizing the information for any missing cities. You could also use a web tool like the one at to determine the salary variance from a location in the guide to any location that isn't in the guide.

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