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Every Manager's Desk Reference
by Alpha Books, Alpha Editors

Alpha Books, 1,344 pages, $17.79

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Chock full of information and tips, Every Manager’s Desk Reference assembles everything a manager could possibly need under one roof. The book kicks off with sections on Stress Management and Time Management and when the dust settles over 1,300 pages later, supervisors will be informed and enlightened about current practices and management remedies. Contributors include a management consultant, a speaker/trainer, and a freelance business editor. If you buy only one reference book this year, it’s well worth it to invest in this one.

According to the writers, “Much of the stress you experience in the workplace may be organizationally induced.” Some of the stress culprits include uncertain job expectations and routine tasks that have little inherent meaning. Every Manager’s Desk Reference encourages employees to investigate all programs within an organization to assist workers in maintaining balance. These include seminars and courses, daycare, flex time and counseling and support programs. The chapter also discusses ways to curb procrastination, reduce commuting stress and recognize the link between time, money and stress.

The section on Time Management is especially relevant in these fast-paced days of multi-tasking. An effective tip on minimizing interruptions uses the example of a flight attendant trying to rebook a flight for a customer. The flight attendant concentrates intently on the first person in line, giving full attention to the customer instead of multi-tasking and trying to please everyone. Further tips on making your commute productive, scheduling and delegating portray realistic scenarios and offer advice.

Work environment is a key force in motivating and de-motivating your workers.

Satisfiers include:

  • Recognition
  • Advancement
  • The Work Itself

Dissatisfiers include:

  • Company Policy and Admistration
  • Relationship With Supervisor
  • Working Conditions

To improve work environments, managers are encouraged to explore the possibility of having outside agencies perform satisfaction surveys. Ergonomic perks, on-the-job training and teambuilding go a long way toward enhancing a workplace environment. Every Manager’s Desk Reference operates like a Bible for managers who want to keep up with current practices and managerial philosophies. Devoting the money and time to studying the book will yield a return on investment for anyone in an executive or supervisory position.

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