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The Internet – Productivity Enhancement or Time Drain?

Although companies have guidelines for Internet usage, the reality is that e-mailing and personal surfing can be abused. It is up to managers to incorporate policies on a day-to-day basis. You may view yourself as a hands-off supervisor who believes in giving workers autonomy, but there are cases when Internet time drains and abuses result in lost productivity. Instead of coming off as a Grinch-like manager who constantly monitors employees, there are pre-emptive steps you can take to make sure the Internet is used wisely and productively.


Illegal Interview Questions: What You Can and Cannot Ask

Federal law prohibits discrimination when interviewing or hiring. With our society more sensitive than ever to any signs of prejudice or unfairness, it’s very important to plan and conduct interviews with care. One of the most common (and sometimes serious) blunders employers make is done prior to hiring, when they ask illegal interview questions. Ironically, illegal interview questions are often asked in total innocence.


Book Review

Every Manager's Desk Reference
by Alpha Books, Alpha Editors

Chock full of information and tips, Every Manager’s Desk Reference assembles everything a manager could possibly need under one roof. The book kicks off with sections on Stress Management and Time Management and when the dust settles over 1,300 pages later, supervisors will be informed and enlightened about current practices and management remedies. Contributors include a management consultant, a speaker/trainer, and a freelance business editor. If you buy only one reference book this year, it’s well worth it to invest in this one.


Q: How can we become more efficient in working with our benefit providers? (401k, medical, work comp, etc)

A: We asked Jeff Woods, VP of Sales for AppleOne Payroll, and he replied "First, ensure you are working with vendors that utilize technology to accept your 401k, Work Comp & Benefit information electronically. Look to an outsourced payroll provider who partners with professional firms. These partnerships will have automated processes behind them to ensure premiums, employee contributions and data are sent timely and accurately. Many of the larger providers do not accommodate their clients. Look to a smaller firm and you will discover that the technology offering will be greatly enhanced as well as the customer service. Running a proactive Human Resources Department should be your goal."


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