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Making Meetings More Productive

A productive meeting can yield many benefits to the participants and the organization as a whole: problems get solved, strategic plans are created and useful information is exchanged and capitalized upon. Unfortunately, more and more of us find ourselves mired in meetings that are, at the very least, a total waste of time. More...

Detecting Resume Red Flags

Quality hires are the backbone of any business and the single biggest contributing factor to its success. Hiring managers looking to maximize their shrinking days need only to take a close look at resumes to separate questionable candidates from potential hires. Here are some ways hiring managers can “read between the lines” of resumes so they reduce mistakes that can come back to haunt them later. More...

First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently

by Marcus Buckingham, Curt Coffman
Simon & Schuster, 255 pages, $18.48

Anybody looking to get inside the minds of successful managers to see how they have toppled conventional wisdom will appreciate First, Break All The Rules. Chock full of relevant stories and revolutionary insights, this book is a worthwhile investment for good managers who want to make the leap to being great. Culled from 12 years of Gallup Research studies, the most powerful managerial discovery the research yielded was that talented employees need great managers. The question then becomes, what makes a manager great? More...

Q. A background check we were running on a potential hire came back with a recent arrest, but it doesn't look like they've been to court yet. Can an employer make hiring decisions based on arrests as opposed to convictions?

We asked Carlos Lacambra with A-check America for his expert assistance with answering this question. Here's what he had to say. Under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) an employer is allowed to see records of arrest. State law varies with respect to what an employer is allowed to see and do, so you should check to see which specific rules and regulations apply to you. More...

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Q. What have you found to be the best indicator of a potential hires future performance?


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