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Time and Attendance Processor (TAP)

By eliminating internal labor costs, human error, and especially time theft, AppleOne's TAP system can lead to immediate and significant improvements in expense and productivity control. With TAP, all time attendance data is collected electronically via your choice of on-site collection mechanisms.

With AppleOne's Time Capture System, You Will:

  • Save Time and Money
  • Stop Inaccuracy
  • Eliminate Manual Calculation
  • Prevent Costly Human Error
  • End Time Theft
  • Enhance Expense Control
  • Centralize Labor Management
  • Enforce Policy-Based Rounding Control

Bar Code Reader

Our standard TAP implementation features a bar code reader that precisely tracks and logs each associate's hours, greatly eliminating the potential for time theft or transcription errors. With integrated control mechanisms, TAP provides further savings including policy-based rounding and instant access to the system's extensive Integrated Reporting Suite.

Biometric Scanner

Our next-generation biometric time management system is perfect where you need advanced security or employee identification. Because the reader is keyed off the employee's unique physical characteristics, you know exactly who it is that is clocking in or out.

Of course either or both solutions can be deployed separately or in conjunction with our other time management tools including Web-Based Time Card.

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