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  • Help Departing Employees to Get Back on their Feet
  • Reduce Potential for Unemployment Claims or Litigation
  • A Caring and Sensitive Environment
  • No Cost to You or Your Employees

In today's world, change is the only constant. There is no part of business that is more affected by its impact than staffing. Whether you are rightsizing, downsizing or expanding, your staffing needs are probably changing continuously. Sometimes it requires ending a relationship with a valuable employee — always a sensitive topic. But beyond emotional issues, there are significant costs associated with unemployment insurance, even the potential for litigation.

AppleOne - The Better Way

Due to the costs associated with outplacement services, most companies offer them only to key executives — if at all. There is a cost-effective solution to spending thousands of dollars, or providing no services to your former employees. AppleOne can help your recently separated employees get back into the workforce quickly. One call to AppleOne enlists the power of America's largest privately-held full-service staffing agency.

The Difference - People Who Care

When you refer former employees to AppleOne, they will find highly-skilled professionals who really care about each individual. Our Account Executives will conduct a thorough evaluation of each candidate's needs and will provide invaluable guidance on how to conduct an efficient and successful career search. We will evaluate each candidate's resume and suggest how to construct it for pinpoint effectiveness. If candidates do not have a resume yet, we will help to construct one designed to generate results.

Our Service

AppleOne's Outplacement Services offer tremendous value to both you and the candidates you select to participate. Best of all, there is never a charge for AppleOne Outplacement Services.

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