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GSA Schedule 738X
Contract Number: GS-02F-0011U
SIN 595-21 - General Support Services
Sub-SIN Categories:
SIN 595-21-P - Planning
SIN 595-21-R - Recruitment & Internal Services
SIN 595-21-O - Outplacement

Following is a General Description of Services that AppleOne offers via this GSA Schedule. For information related to specific services for your requirements, as well as pricing that specifically relates to your needs, please contact AppleOne Government Solutions at 310-750-3400, or by email at You can also download our 738X SIN 595-21 Price List (.pdf format).

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AppleOne Government Solutions offers an 8-Phase Human Resources Consultation to consult and efficiently manage workloads. This planning tool includes the follow eight (8) functions:

  • Executive Consultation Overview - This initial phase focuses on understanding the dynamics of the customer agency and/or department. Serving as an introduction between AppleOne and the customer, this phase serves as an opportunity to explain more thoroughly the consultation process, and it will outline and shape AppleOne's ultimate objectives. In this meeting the Government Solutions Team begins to establish a top-level view of customer agency, including present goals and challenges. This will be used as a baseline to direct further discovery and analysis.
  • Multi-Tiered Analysis - Once the Government Solutions Team establishes the parameters of the consultation, it develops a detailed understanding of the current situation. The Government Solutions team will meet with key members of the customer agency for further analysis purposes. These discovery sessions include selection committee members, finance and end-users. This process is designed to develop a complete understanding of the customer agency's unique needs and how those needs impact the agency, in order to uncover potential opportunities.
  • Compile Findings - The information gained through this multi-tiered analysis is now compiled into a detailed assessment of the agency's current situation to be reported back to the agency. Every stage of the process is considered including order submission, business culture, employee productivity, time accounting, invoice processing and cost accounting.
  • Feedback - Feedback meetings are essential to ensure that the information that the AppleOne Government Solutions Team has gained has been thoroughly considered and accurately interpreted. This process eliminates the potential for misunderstanding and the omission of critical items.
  • Configuration of Solutions - The AppleOne Government Solutions Team then applies its specialized industry knowledge to identify a range of best fit solutions to analyze staffing levels and Human Resource functions. The Government Solutions Team tests the agency's needs against AppleOne's own core competencies and extensive menu of services as well as evaluating other vendors and the best practices and internal solutions of the thousands of companies with whom we partner for an optimized mix of solutions.
  • Proposal - Only when the Government Solutions Team fully understands the agency's particular needs does it begin to work on a detailed proposal that outlines the scope of its discovery and recommended solutions. For prospective agencies who prefer, AppleOne's consultation team will present both executive overview and detailed proposal formats, allowing the technical members of the agency's key personnel (i.e., COTR, Department Head, etc.) the detail necessary to fully access the capabilities, validity and impact of AppleOne's recommendations.
  • Implementation - During implementation, the Government Solutions team that proposed the solution will be on-site to ensure that promises made by AppleOne during the consultation are delivered on time and without disruption to work-flow and mission goals. Our Implementation Team ensures that the agency receives the maximum benefit from this customized solution.
  • Benchmarking - By engaging in consistent benchmarking evaluations and quality reviews, AppleOne ensures that the solution programs deliver to their full potential.


AppleOne provides Recruitment and Internal Placement programs that are designed to provide qualified employees for Government positions. The tools and resources that comprise this solution for the Government include:

  • JobCaster - An automated proprietary software system that transmits available job openings to over 250 career websites and job boards on the internet. Job postings can be targeted to specific types of industry sites.
  • AppleXpress: On-line Registration - An automated client/server tool to intake and store qualified applicant resumes.
  • Office Automation - A proprietary software system that enables AppleOne to aggregate and maintain a vast pool of qualified candidates for job openings.
  • Direct Recruiting - Communication with suggested candidates from various resources, including information provided by employees previously placed by AppleOne.
  • Print Media Recruiting - Nationwide Yellow Page advertisements; targeted recruitment mailings to trade unions and groups; local newspapers; community newsletters; Chamber of Commerce publications; and trade magazines.
  • Job Fairs - AppleOne participates in Job Fairs throughout the United States to supplement its available candidate pool.

To assist with reorganizations, downsizing or RIFs, AppleOne utilizes its Career Transition Center (CTC). CTC provides support to all involved employees, including those who are leaving, those who are transitioning to another area, or those who will remain on site. Support for employees is established as soon as employees are notified. Following are the phases of the service:

Phase 1 - Initial Support
AppleOne meets with designated Government representatives to establish an understanding of the outplacement targets to be met, and the overall disposition across the organization. All employees are given the opportunity to meet with AppleOne consultants and discuss the various levels of support that AppleOne offers. AppleOne arranges either one-on-one or group question-and-answer sessions, and discusses the important and relevant issues involved with any level of change.

Phase 2 - Moving Personnel to New Positions, Inside or Outside of the Organization
The AppleOne Career Transition Center provides an impartial environment that offers direct and confidential support and services such as:

  • Financial, retirement and pre-retirement advice (e.g., 401K rollover and COBRA details);
  • Legal counseling regarding severance and other related issues;
  • Career counseling, guidance and analysis;
  • Resume development and establishment of references;
  • Job knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) assessment and training, using such resources as the online ProveIt! software and printed guides;
  • Interview refreshers and techniques;
  • Job search assistance - including online postings and resume submission; business links; newspaper and yellow page searches; community newsletters, Chamber of Commerce, and trade magazines, and
  • Counseling on, and evaluation of, the current job market and current pay rates in relation to individual skills.

Phase 3 - Workshops
AppleOne provides career transition workshops that focus on job searching; increasing self confidence; setting career and job-specific goals, and understanding the importance of positive change.

In addition to the above topics, specific transition workshop subjects include:

  • Addressing and Facing Change
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Appraising Your Career Goals and Establishing a Plan
  • Personal Marketing and the Importance of Networking
  • Research and Using the Internet
  • Evaluating Your Retirement Goals

Phase 4 - Individual Transition Plans
Following an in-depth discussion with each transitioning employee, AppleOne designs a plan based on that individual's specific needs, goals, skills and interests, and can incorporate the necessary transition details into a customized transition plan. AppleOne includes e-mail and telephone support and ongoing coaching throughout the transition.

Phase 5 - Continuous Support
From initial notification to the completion of a transition, AppleOne remains available to provide ongoing support for each interested employee. This provides the employees with a place and an opportunity to address the potential, tangible and intangible changes related to the processes of outplacement.

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