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Testing and Screening

AppleOne's effective recruitment and advertising methods often generate an enthusiastic response that could produce an overwhelming volume of applicants.

While having an abundant supply of applicants can be an advantage, AppleOne will never compromise quality for quantity. We're committed to exclusively representing the top 20% of available candidates. We utilize powerful filtering and screening tools to ensure that every candidate we select can meet these strict standards of performance and quality.

A Thorough Process

Probative Interviews - Each applicant first meets with one of our experienced recruiters. During this interview process a detailed candidate profile begins to form.

Skill Testing - Next, candidates are thoroughly tested to determine objective skill level with respect to standard office software, typing and other hard skills.

Core Assessment Series - These immersive, computer simulations go the extra mile in testing soft skills like attitude, team-mindedness and problem solving abilities. These fully validated tests have been proven to predict job performance to a scientific certainty.

Reference Checks - The candidate profile is further enhanced utilizing peer and manager reference checks. We require at least 2 positive professional references for any associate we choose to represent.

Background or Drug Screening - At client request, we can also provide a full assortment of background and drug screening options

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