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ISO-9001:2008 Certification

AppleOne's dedication to quality assurance ensures that our clients achieve their staffing goals. Toward this end, in 1999, AppleOne achieved ISO-9001:2008 certification. The ISO-9001:2008 Certification, established by the International Standards Organization, is a quality management system that sets a global standard for quality assurance processes and ensures that a company's products and services are among the best in the world.

Following this achievement, related quality assurance policies were implemented throughout our corporation using the guide of our newly established Executive Management Quality Policy, which states:

ACT•1 Group is firmly committed to providing our clients human resource solutions that meet, and exceed their expectations in a timely, and cost effective manner. Quality Objectives are met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction, and continuously improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Ensuring Quality Through On-Going Testing

Supporting our Executive Management Quality Policy is the development of our evaluation process for applicants, the Core Assessment Series, designed specifically for AppleOne to facilitate the standardization of testing and interpretation of results throughout the nation. We utilize behavior based questions and interactive tests.

Our quality systems provides a means of checks and balances that is reviewed at the Corporate level twice a year, allowing us to pay special attention to customer complaints and identify any discernable trends. Solutions can then be developed and easily disseminated to the field. Furthermore, the training of our representatives has been standardized and is now documented. This ensures nationwide consistency in all of our training, standards and ability to run branch offices, increasing our level of efficiency.

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