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AppleOne Leadership

Janice Bryant-Howroyd - CEO

Bernard Howroyd - President

Janice Bryant-Howroyd, CEO, the ACT•1 Group

Janice Bryant Howroyd

In this millennium, Janice Bryant Howroyd knows the business world must be more innovative and more exciting! At the same time, it is more crowded, more competitive and more perilous. She thrives on maintaining an edge, expanding into new markets and offering valued clients new services as part of a precision business plan.

Today, the ACT•1 Group thrives through several verticals that add value to each other to support an overall business plan. Driven by Bryant Howroyd's personal mantra, "Keep the humanity in human resources," a team of diverse, entrepreneurial professionals manages one of America's most highly respected and experienced staffs in the industry.

Janice Bryant Howroyd's personality, perseverance and drive, coupled with—as she points out - her "extraordinary team" is what ensures ACT•1's continuous growth in a global market.

Motivated by the supportive environments of her own youth, Janice Bryant Howroyd believes that people perform best when their personal strengths are developed and challenged. Her theory is proven true by the 25+ years she has driven a highly successful business. "It is a core value of how I do business today," says the CEO. "It has never been just about making a match to make some money."

"Empowering people is a blessing and a responsibility."

Staying true to these beliefs supports ACT•1, Janice Bryant Howroyd and the communities they service. She and the company contribute well to education, entrepreneurship and economic development. She says, "Growing a global business is all about doing something good for the world."

Bernard Howroyd President, AppleOne

Bernie Howroyd

Bernie has made a career out of making the impossible come true. He has transformed himself from a poor, young butcher's apprentice into a multimillion-dollar businessman and founder of the North America's largest, privately held full-service employment company.

Bernie was born in a largely industrial section of England. After working as an apprentice for a local butcher, he scraped together his savings and set off on a journey around the world. To finance his travels, he often worked odd jobs—selling Bibles in Australia and combs in Brazil. "I met thousands of people from as many different cultures and I learned very quickly that no matter where people are from, no matter what language they speak, everyone needs to feel heard and respected."

Utilizing this insight, Bernie founded AppleOne Employment Services in 1964. Starting with meager savings, Bernie opened an office in LA's Wilshire District and was down to his last $5.94 before the first placement check arrived. Undaunted he set about building his dream. As the economy fluctuated, so did AppleOne's profitability. "There were times when it was really tough, but we managed," Bernie recalls. "My faith in our people and company paid off."

Honored by Ernest & Young as Entrepreneur of the Year, Bernie has perfected the art of combining old-fashioned personalized, one-on-one service with a hunger for out-of-the-box thinking. This is reflected in AppleOne's many candidate and client-oriented innovations including the 5•50 Assurance Plan—the first and only staffing guarantee that protects employers' hiring decisions for up to five full years.

Bernie continues to be closely involved in the company he founded, and he tries to get to at least one branch office each day so that he can devote his time to where his passion truly lies: teaching and motivating success one candidate and one client at a time.

The ACT•1 Group of Companies

Staffing Companies

AppleOne Staffing provides temporary, direct hire and contract employees as well as staffing solutions through AppleOne and industry-specific brands:

Business Services Companies

Also within the Act•1 Group are the business services brands which include:

Workforce Solutions

Agile•1 rounds out the Act•1 Group and provides powerful workforce solutions. Leveraging managerial and technological expertise, Agile•1 provides systems for human capital and vendor management to create streamlined and efficient contingent staffing and project based processes.

Janice grew up in North Carolina, where she was instilled with a strong work ethic and saw the need for a full-scope approach to defining how people work and how companies hire.

Her trek to California was intended as a vacation, which thirty-plus years later, she says she is still on! She and her husband, Bernard, have two adult children, both graduates of the University of Southern California. They maintain homes in Rolling Hills, California; Tarboro, North Carolina and Yorkshire, England.

Janice is a strong advocate for Women Owned Businesses and Diversity and inclusion. Faith and family are core to her life, and she says, "Technology is our business geography!" Her visionary and expert leadership are sought by many organizations, both as a lecturer and in member-leadership roles.

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