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Making LinkedIn Work for You in Your Job Search

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When you’re searching for a new job it’s easy to feel like you’re just one more in the herd. Utilizing the power of LinkedIn in addition to the traditional job boards and agencies can give you an advantage in your hunt.

If you’re not familiar, LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows jobseekers, employers and people just interested in networking to promote themselves and their business. What started as a site that catered to upper level management has expanded to be a great resource to everyone from an intern to the CEO.

Complete Your Profile.  An incomplete profile reads as being an incomplete candidate. Get your profile completeness to 100% as soon as possible and take the time to go back and expand it as time permits.
Here are quick steps from LinkedIn’s blog to create a complete profile and ensure you’re putting your best foot forward:

  1. Add a profile photo
  2. List all the jobs or positions you’ve held, along with descriptions of your roles
  3. Have five or more skills on your profile
  4. Write a summary about yourself
  5. Fill out your industry and postal code
  6. Add where you went to school
  7. Have 50 or more connections – getting connected  iseasier than you think!

Connect with Companies. If you are searching for a job, a simple step is to connect on LinkedIn with companies you want to work for. This way you’ll be notified of new positions, hiring manager names, and other developments within their business. You’ll have a stronger grasp of the evolution and culture of the companies you’re targeting. When you do secure an interview with the company, it’s an easy way to research them and familiarize yourself before you’re face to face.  To get started, start following AppleOne on LinkedIn.

Get Recommended. Don’t be afraid to tap your friends as well as current and former colleagues for LinkedIn recommendations. As long as you ask people you’ve actually interacted with professionally, more often than not they’ll be flattered to dispense their recommendations of your work. When you receive a recommendation, make sure to return the favor and write a truthful but flattering recommendation for the person who assisted you.

Search for Jobs. LinkedIn’s jobs section has positions that aren’t necessarily listed on the other job boards, and usually has key information about the hiring manager associated with post, adding additional leverage to your application, by being able to personalize your submission. LinkedIn Jobs has thousands of job listings for each category. You can search using keywords, title, company, and location to find the perfect opportunity for you.
Follow these steps and you’ll improve your online presence and your job search techniques!

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