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Career Continuation: Make It a SNAPP
by Dr. Donald J. Hanratty
It's the How, LLC, 112 pages, $11.95

Professionals looking for ways to cope with the unpredictability of the workplace and get a head start on continuing a career will find Career Continuation full of useful advice on updating technical and networking skill sets. Hanratty argues that losing a job does not have to be a terrible event that stains your employment history. Nowadays, it's part of the professional landscape, and something that workers need to be prepared to address.

Hanratty asserts that the days of companies making promises about its employees futures are long gone. The good news is that there will always be a need for skilled people, and Career Continuation outlines how the five-step SNAPP method can help career seekers in both the short and long terms. The five SNAPP steps are:

  • See It
  • Negotiate It
  • Act on It
  • Persist
  • Praise the Team

One of the Success Tips is devoted to how vital your resume is in the job search process. "Your resume is your marketing brochure you use to promote your skills, abilities, and experiences," writes Hanratty. He takes a proactive approach by encouraging professionals to constantly update and upgrade their resumes. That way, if your existing position is eliminated, you are ready to get yourself out there without missing a beat.

Career Continuation uses tables, charts, and checklists to hammer home its key points. The most important aim it achieves may be giving hope to job seekers and professionals looking to change careers. Because career change is woven into the fabric of today's job market, these techniques for getting organized and getting hired are especially relevant.