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Simple, Best Price Holiday Travel

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Around this time of year, AppleOne associates are busy making holiday travel plans. Maximizing a travel budget to find the best value without sacrificing quality can be challenging. What you might not know is that AppleOne has a partnership relationship with a travel agency that can make the process so much simpler for you. And as an AppleOne associate, you can benefit from our preferred pricing on all your travel needs.

Whether it's for group travel, carefree vacations, or any combination you can imagine, CTA Travel takes the stress out of travel planning, leaving you free to take advantage of your leisure time. CTA understands your need for flexibility and desire to make or change plans at a moment's notice. Your travel planning should be quick, simple and cost-effective while preserving value and comfort. CTA makes all of that possible in remarkable ways. The travel services offered include:

  • Preferred Pricing for AppleOne Associates
  • Minimizing Your Time Spent Planning
  • Best Buy Price Check (ensures lowest available fare)
  • Better Cost Projections through Customized Travel Reports and Budgeting
  • Customized Leisure Vacation Packages

The ability to customize leisure vacation packages is especially important for busy professionals with time constraints. Because the CTA Travel team focuses on leisure travel, their knowledge of the industry can help you find the product or service that is best for you. At CTA's Web site ( you can even sign up to win a free trip. Just look for the "Win a Free Trip" link in the left hand corner and sign up to win.

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