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Q. It seems like I've been looking for work forever, and I don't see any signs of finding a job soon. I try to stay positive, but it can be rough. Particularly around the holidays. How can I keep myself motivated over the course of a long job search?

A. Looking for work takes a lot of energy and when you don't seem to be making very much progress, that can be very demotivating. One thing you can do is try to celebrate the small wins. Don't think so much about the broad goal of getting a job and try to focus more on smaller, incremental goals like making five connects and sending out ten resumes. By looking to the small goals, you'll see that you really are making progress even if the larger goal still seems out of view.

It's also very important to continue to communicate to friends and family. Looking for a job can be very isolating, so be sure you have a support system in place where you can vent and get positive encouragement.