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9 Surefire Ways to Get Fired
Anthony Balderrama, writer
Copyright 15/09/2008 Careerbuilder, LLC - Reprinted with permission.

Mistakes help us grow as individuals and make us better people, or so we're told. At work that's definitely true. Call the CEO by the wrong name once and you'll never do it again. For this reason, level-headed bosses aren't looking to fire anyone for the occasional gaffe.


Simple, Best Price Holiday Travel

Around this time of year, AppleOne associates are busy making holiday travel plans. Maximizing a travel budget to find the best value without sacrificing quality can be challenging. What you might not know is that AppleOne has a partnership relationship with a travel agency that can make the process so much simpler for you. And as an AppleOne associate, you can benefit from our preferred pricing on all your travel needs.


Career Continuation: Make It a SNAPP
by Dr. Donald J. Hanratty

Professionals looking for ways to cope with the unpredictability of the workplace and get a head start on continuing a career will find Career Continuation full of useful advice on updating technical and networking skill sets. Hanratty argues that losing a job does not have to be a terrible event that stains your employment history. Nowadays, it's part of the professional landscape, and something that workers need to be prepared to address.


Q. It seems like I've been looking for work forever, and I don't see any signs of finding a job soon. I try to stay positive, but it can be rough. Particularly around the holidays. How can I keep myself motivated over the course of a long job search?

A. Looking for work takes a lot of energy and when you don't seem to be making very much progress, that can be very demotivating. One thing you can do is try to celebrate the small wins. Don't think so much about the broad goal of getting a job and try to focus more on smaller, incremental goals like making five connects and sending out ten resumes. By looking to the small goals, you'll see that you really are making progress even if the larger goal still seems out of view.


Question: What keeps you going when you're looking for work

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