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Get The Interview Every Time
by Brenda Greene

Dearborn Trade, 240 pages, $10.36

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If your resume is your ticket to an interview, you want to make sure that your information is in order and presentable before you give it to a professional in a position to hire you. “You have two minutes to make an impression that can determine the quality of your life for the next 3-10 years,” writes Brenda Greene. With little room for error, job seekers can benefit from the techniques and strategies in Get The Interview Every Time, and learn ways that your resume can take you to better and more exciting career destinations.

Content is king, and the content of your resume has to be topnotch and directly relevant to the specific position. “A one size fits all resume in this highly competitive job market will not make the cut,” writes Greene.

Reality dictates that you have a cyber-ready resume, because pounding the pavement has given way to scouring the Internet. Start by researching the company via their Web site. According to the author, “Companies want to see that you’ve done your research and it’s a good idea to look at literature from previous years to see how the company has evolved.”

Seeing things from the hiring manager’s point of view is always helpful, and the book polled a cluster of HR professionals to glean inside information. Among the findings were:

  • 81% of Fortune 500 companies are posting job openings on their corporate Web sites
  • 80% of respondents said it is related experience that HR professionals are primarily concerned with filling open positions
  • Neither educational background nor previous place of employment is a top priority for hiring managers

Other practical information includes lists of action verbs to use like budgeted, calculated, and optimized, which convey a sense of doing. With electronic submissions, job seekers are advised to always follow the instructions on how to apply for the position. When in doubt as to whether companies want it sent as an attachment or text, always send as text. The latter part of Get The Interview Every Time is devoted to multi-purpose, chronological and functional sample resumes. The examples are dissected and critiqued, illuminating do’s and don’ts for job seekers. Whether you are gearing up for an end of the year run at open positions or getting a head start for next year’s hiring season, this book has the cutting edge information that will put your resume at the top of a hiring manager’s pile.

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