Question: Hello! I hope someone can answer these general questions for me.

  1. Do all Account Execs (AEs) know about ALL the jobs listed in their particular office or does only the AE listed as the AppleOne contact for that particular job know of that listing?

  2. Can MORE than one candidate at a time be sent to interview for a particular job from an AppleOne office or does the AE wait to see if one candidate works out before recommending another?

  3. Can my AE (who is NOT listed as the contact) recommend me for a job and send me for an interview?

  4. Who has the FINAL decision on who gets to interview for a job... only the AE listed for the job?

  5. When I am sent on an interview, will I be required to fill out the HIRING company's application form or, since I am an AppleOne employee, will that step be unnecessary?

Answer: This will vary by office to a certain extent, so there is no completely definitive answer. That said, generally:

  1. Do all AE's know about jobs in their office? I would expect that they would all know. They typically conduct morning meetings and work as a team. They almost certainly wouldn't know about all of the jobs that other offices have posted though, and they might not know specific details about a job such as who's been sent out, whether it's still open/closed, what specifically the client is looking for.

  2. Yes, more than one candidate can be sent to interview for a position. Particularly with direct hire positions, it would be highly unlikely that just one candidate would be sent. We would always try to find a variety of candidates that meet the clients needs. However, we would be unlikely to send more than a handful or so unless the client has already rejected all of our initial candidates.

  3. Your AE can recommend you to the AE who is attempting to staff the position. Your AE would not be contacting the client company unless they were the person who had secured that job order.

  4. Ultimately, the client company has final decision. Beyond that, the AE who is working with the client company has the best understanding of what the client needs, and they would be the final arbiter of who they were going to send for their client to consider.

  5. This will vary by client. If you're interviewing for a direct hire position, you will almost certainly be required to fill out the companies application. It would probably be far less likely for a temporary assignment, but your AE should tell you want to expect of your first day on a temporary assignment, so you will know in advance whether you should allow time for something like that.