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Tips to Get Noticed at Your Job

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Shifting into the spotlight at work and getting noticed for your attitude and accomplishments can mean the difference between languishing in a holding pattern and rising through the ranks. Tooting your own horn is not just more acceptable nowadays – it’s a necessary component to becoming the “total package” that makes getting ahead a possibility. There are traditional approaches like coming in early and staying late, but these days it takes something more to stick out and shine on the job. Getting ahead means getting creative and devising ways to go beyond the usual. Here are some methods for improving your chances of getting noticed.

Circulate at Work

Although you are focusing your efforts on being noticed by your supervisor who heads up your department, there are other areas in your company that can lead to good things. Circulate with the other departments and get to know workers and supervisors. It shows you are taking the initiative and taking interest in other aspects of the company. Be strategic. If you are setting up a committee, select other professionals who would be helpful to know. Tap them for their knowledge and for their ability to generate positive feedback about you.

Master New Technologies

Staying ahead of the wave where new technologies are concerned is always a good idea. Whether you choose to enroll in a class, read professional books and journals or consult the Web for up-to-the minute developments, mastering a new skill is always an eye opener. On-line blogs and message boards identify today's trends that will become tomorrow's realities. Keep an eye on what might be the next big technology in your field. Learn the necessary skills now and try to get other colleagues interested as well.

Find a Mentor

Mentors in your workplace and outside of it are invaluable resources. Find someone in your field that you can respect and trust whose outlook and career goals are similar to your own. Seeking out a workplace mentor shows that you are serious about learning the ropes and learning about your company's specific culture. Your supervisor probably benefited from a mentor and will notice that you are benefiting as well.

Tackle Unpopular Tasks

Is there a task that's scaring everyone else, but could earn you huge accolades? Sometimes you have to risk a lot to earn a reward. Volunteering for it will set you apart from the pack in your supervisor's eyes. You don't want to take on more than you can handle, but if you're up to the challenge, accept it. Even if the project isn't an unqualified success, you will be remembered as the one who dared to tackle it.

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