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The Secret to Getting What You Want
by Bernie Howroyd, President and Founder
AppleOne Employment Services

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Many people ask me, "What is the secret to your success?" There is indeed a secret to achieving all of your goals, and it all begins with your attitude. I have always been optimistic, and find that success is simply not possible without an optimism. But sometimes, even the brightest outlook isn't quite enough to catapult you past the obstacles that stand in the way of real achievement. However, when you know the Secret, then all things become possible. I want to share with you the Secret to success so that you can apply it to your own life and enjoy the success you so richly deserve.

Many of my employees know the story of how AppleOne started, but only a few know all the difficulties I encountered when opening the company. Because I had no experience in the employment services field, everyone expected me to fail. That dour prediction nearly came true - I was down to my last $5 when I made my first placement.

As more placements followed, AppleOne began to grow. So, too, did my dreams. I worked round the clock preparing my company for bigger and better things, and yet my efforts earned me only a modicum of success. I studied and worked so hard, why couldn't I break through the barriers blocking my success? The answer to that question came to me when I learned the Secret.

When you have neither experience nor a mentor, you have to look for instruction from other sources. I happened to chance upon the Secret in a motivational book by Earl Nightingale. To paraphrase him, you become what you think about. At first, his point was lost on me because I constantly thought about success but had yet to achieve it. Then Nightingale's point sank in, and the Secret became crystal clear.

I was always afraid of failing, so I failed. I worked day in and day out because I was afraid of being broke, so I was broke. To break this cycle, I had to reverse my thinking and literally create the thoughts that would allow me to live out all of the experiences that I had envisioned.

You must not be influenced by superficial things like money, but rather by the desire to be better at what you do in order to attract wealth. Thinking of money and success as the answer is superficial, and thus fruitless.

Stop concentrating on the fears that motivate you and instead dwell upon the positive, life-affirming things you hope your accomplishments will bring about. It is in these daydreams that you will learn the Secret and uncover the path to true achievement.

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