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Ask The Experts

Q. I've grown restless in my current job. I've thought about a change, but the economy is so iffy, I'm not sure that now is really a smart time. What would you suggest?

A. First, you should take a serious look at yourself to determine what it is that's making you feel restless. While it is possible to run into a dead-end within a particular position, often feelings of boredom or dissatisfaction are internal issues that can't be resolved by simply changing jobs. I can't tell you how many people I've known who jumped from job to job only to find the same problems following them to their new positions.

If you're sure that the problem is in the position and not within yourself, then there are several strategies you might consider. First, you might try approaching your supervisor to see if there are other duties you could take on. Often the additional challenges that new projects bring can be just what we need to shake us out of the ruts we're in. Additionally, by demonstrating initiative and motivation, you position yourself for possible promotion. Barring that, you might see if it's possible to move laterally within the organization. This way you have the ability to move into a new position that may be more satisfying while maintaining the security of a known company.

If none of these things are possible, and you really do feel as though your growth is being stifled within your current position, then it probably is time to begin looking for other opportunities. A job change is one of the most stressful things you'll ever experience. You'll never fell completely confident, and fears of an uncertain economy are largely outgrowths of that. Don't let your fear and uncertainly hold you back. Remember, you can't grow without risk.

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