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How to Land Your Dream Job: No Resume! And Other Secrets to Get You in the Door
by Jeffrey J. Fox
Hyperion, 172 pages, $11.53

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Sometimes a counter intuitive approach during a job search can be a breath of fresh air and just the thing to push you to look at things differently. How to Land Your Dream Job dares to dream big and speaks to beginning job seekers and seasoned veterans alike. Job seekers who have tried the traditional search methods and are looking for alternative resources will benefit from Fox's innovative, no-nonsense methods to get in the door and succeed.

The book begins with the cornerstone of any job search - your resume. "All unexpected and standard resumes go from the IN box to the trash box," Fox writes. He believes that job seekers are the product and the resume is their sales literature and that super salespeople never send literature before meeting with a prospective customer. Instead, "they create interest in their product and use sales literature to reaffirm and leave a footprint, a product remembrance." Because Fox believes that selling yourself means getting noticed and setting yourself apart, he urges those in the job market to be sure to uniquely connect themselves with their resumes.

The author's extensive marketing background works synergistically and he devotes a lot of time to the importance of shaping your presentation to your target audience. The first step is researching potential employers before planning the optimal way to present your product. Once you narrow down your list, you match your skill strengths with a particular job opening. Topics How to Land Your Dream Job explains and illuminates include:

  • Why resumes don't sell
  • Skipping the personnel department
  • Being a fish out of water
  • Asking to do a demonstration
  • Limiting talking in an interview -"I" is a bad word

Anyone conducting a job search or a job change knows how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd. Fox offers creative suggestions for distinguishing yourself from the competition and also includes a section on no-no's to steer clear of. Eschewing the common wisdom found in most manuals devoted to job searching, How to Land Your Dream Job shows readers how to make an impact and an impression in today's crowded job market.

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